Saturday, 14 December 2013

A Christmas Sampler of a different kind

Today I assembled the Christmas baking sampler tin and am mighty pleased with the results.   Making these was such fun but looking at them I can feel the kilos being added to the hips.   Fortunately to someone else's hips as these are to be a gift!  Ginger snaps, 2-4-6-8 Biscuits, Brandy Balls, Cranberry Slice.  Yumm.  The HD3QBEM thinks this is wonderful and is quite excited to know if the recipient will think so too.
Today I am making a start on a piece of surface stitchery.   Never my strong forte, this will certainly be a labour of love, but since Diana Lampe's book was published in 1991 I have wanted to do a floral initial.   This may well prove to be another cruel crewel-like experience but I want to feel I have mastered both the desire and the technique.  
Besides which I have a piece of hardanger kitted up and tacked out and this will be my consolation when Diana Lampe drives me to tears.   The floss ordered from overseas for my Mermaids Chest has not yet arrived so I have had to rearrange my To-Do list.  Only one more week of work and 12 more sleeps until I go on holiday!
Back tomorrow I hope with some stitching progress to show.   We are having homemade cranberry and smoked chicken pizza tonight as it is far too hot here to cook a 'proper meal'.


  1. I have to smile thinking about it being too hot to cook! We are in a white-out blizzard in Hokkaido today, with a high temperature of about 21 F. I look forward to seeing your floral initial, but fear it may become a new project for me when I do!

  2. My hips sure don't need the extra weight--the cookies look like an awesome gift

  3. I think that's an amazing gift Margaret, there is so much of your time in the making of all those goodies.

  4. Well, as I watch the hail and gale force winds outside my window, I kindda wish I was where you are right now lol. I love the cookie sampler...what an amazingly good idea! Good look with the embroidery!

  5. I love homemade, handmade gifts. They truly come from the heart. Well done ;)