Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Look what the mail man brought me this morning!

The bell from the security gate interrupted my breakfast this morning with this wonderful surprise package from my friend Yuko.
First the box.  Yuko knows me so well.   I love boxes and tins and this one instantly transported me back to the times when I visited Tokyo Disneyland.  One can never have enough visits to that magical place - why I believe I shed decades of age the instant I walk through the gates and once again become a child oohing and aahing over the familiar and well loved characters.   So thanks for the box Yuko.
Second, inside the box were cards, fancy post it stickers (shaped like a mother panda and a baby panda, so cute), writing paper, a pretty handkerchief, a wonderful book of blank postcards ( I shall use this as a journal book as I do not want to part with even one of these fantastic art cards) and washi tape.   So thanks for the goodies Yuko.
Last but not least was this - didn't Yuko do well with this one!   A tiny box of even tinier cards and they are all just made for a stitcher.   Thank you so very much Yuko.   I love them and one day when the cards are finished I have grand designs for the box to turn into a small sewing kit.  
Mr Mailman, you can come to my house at breakfast every day if you brings me packages like this one (^_-)