Thursday, 19 December 2013

Further along the floral garden path...

Twelve years ago when Diana Lampe's book (Embroidered Garden Flowers)was first published,  I attempted one of these floral garden wonder-pieces and it ended up consigned to the rubbish bin.   I vowed never to try again.   Now I am ever so glad I kept the book as this piece is working out -  sufficiently similar to Diana's to make me happy.   This is to be a gift so a slightly skewed part-portion snapshot is all I can show you at present.   I have added Agapanthus, English Primrose and Periwinkles to the mix.
Today at lunchtime I made a trip to the Library for the first collection of Christmas Holiday reading.   Besides this I have downloaded 10 eBooks from the Library collection and five from Kindle so I feel safe knowing I will have plenty to read over the holiday break.   I plan to make a final trip to a different Library branch on Monday and collect some more as over the summer they allow an extended borrowing period of six weeks.
If re-creation is the true definition of holiday I am set for success as I plan to sew some new dresses, get active in my garden, read these books and stitch and stitch and stitch.   Oh yes I forgot, a couple of new cones of yarn arrived from England so I will be knitting another summer cardigan too.  Do you wonder why the HD3QBEM asks if I realise I only have three weeks off work and not three months??


  1. I'm sure you will make good use of every minute of your vacation.

  2. Wow Margaret, you're going to be busy. It's great to have so many lovely things to do that you enjoy, I think we crafters are lucky in that respect. I love your floral piece, it's the kind of needlework I admire greatly.

  3. I have both the books, but never had the courage to start stitching those flowers. They look so complicated! I intend to take embroidery classes in 2014 so fingers crossed I'll have enough skill to then give it a go :)

    I already have a list of things I plan to do during the break... it involves lots of stitching!