Sunday, 15 December 2013

Another tin top and a teaser

The stitching is finished for the second Altoid Tin Topper.   Only one tin to go and I think I may repeat this second chart.   As they are to be sold and it is unlikely any buyer will purchase two identical tins, a duplicate is not going to be a problem.
Although stitched in the same linen as the previous 'topper', today's photograph shows an entirely different colour.  Permin 28 count Star Sapphire linen (I checked the name this time) and DMC floss.  
This has yet to be finish-finished as I need to search out the remnant of sari silk I have in my stash cupboard.   A slither of that to back the hardanger doves eyes is needed and is a good excuse to put this piece away and get on with the other start...
I am surprisingly pleased with how this has turned out so far.   There is still a significant length of the initial to go and satisfaction levels may fall, but currently this is proving to be a happy experience.   Shasta daisies, forget-me-nots, cyclamen, lavender, hollyhock and pansies so far.   The floss is all DMC and the linen is a closely woven twill I purchased years ago in a fit of enthusiasm to try crewel work.   Yes, as you all know, it proved cruel and I gave up but the expensive-at-the-time linen is at long last proving useful.   Do you like it so far?
My first Christmas party of the season tonight so I need to get ready for that.   In true New Zealand style it is "ladies bring a plate" so I will be taking a platter of assorted Christmas baking and hope it will be scoffed up as sweet things usually are this time of year.  It is 27 degrees (80 degrees farenheit) here today so I am not wanting to be in the kitchen (^_-)


  1. I think your embroidery is really pretty. I hope you continue to enjoy stitching it. (When will they think men should be able to "bring a plate?")

  2. Pretty topper...I did that one years ago... no idea where it ended a gift perhaps? LOL

  3. Beautiful embroidery! I love the variety of flowers! Love the tin topper too! I have these tins but shy away from this type of finishing ha ha!


  4. The flower initial is beautiful. As with so many things I see here, I want to try it too.
    How do you attach the stitching to the tin?

  5. I do like it so far Margaret, in fact it's extremely pretty. Your tin topper is very bonnie too. We're currently having a very stormy weekend with winds over seventy miles per hour.

  6. Love the tin topper and your embroidery looks beautiful!