Monday, 4 March 2013

Another piece for the Blackwork Etui

After a gentle but necessary prod from Lee and the assistance of fine tutorials on the web, I succeeded in creating my first covered tape measure.   What's more it actually works.
Were I to do this again I would put a blackwork motif in the centre of each side but I consider this finished for the current etui.

Chris at work tells me he is polishing the aluminium for the floss winders,  so soon the little tin will full and this task will be completed.
Threads and pattern are chosen for my "learning piece" of crewel work.   I intend to make the preordained errors of the novice on this one before I attempt the pinball on which I have set my heart.   Besides which, a crewel work piece will make another page for my NMMSAL.   My March page will be hardanger and I hope to do a simple but different drawn thread edge for this page.
Here's a progress shot of the hardanger -  still a far way to go before I can cut and decorate!
I have been busy at the library over the last week and have managed to find 15 of the books on my To Be Read list as well as another 4 that look interesting so the pile beside the bed is very high.   Just as well the library issues for a month!  
I am particularly enjoying this one  and am challenged by the fact that so busy a man as the editor of The Guardian newspaper could find time for piano practice and master Chopin's Ballade No. 1 in a little over a year.   No wonder the book is sub-titled An Amateur Against The Impossible!   Perhaps I may dust off my piano and some of my music and attempt to imitate Alan Rusbridger -  although with something a great deal simpler than a Chopin Ballade!   I never reached the dizzy heights that Alan did and am definitely classified as amateur.
Well that's all for tonight.


  1. I love the etui and its contents! Blackwork and little toolie things are two of my favorite things.

  2. i love it so much..very pretty work x

  3. The tape measure looks lovely, a great addition. Looking forward to seeing the Crewel work.
    If you can play at all I think that is amazing and you should keep playing at any level. CJ in OK

  4. I will look forward to seeing your crewel work Margaret, it's one of my favourites to look at but I've only dabbled on the odd occasion.

  5. Well done Margaret your tape measure is just perfect

  6. You must be so pleased with your etui and its contents. Have you considered the Home Sweet Home project?

  7. Your blackwork looks beautiful! I love the etui and the blackwork around the edge of your tape measure is really sweet.

    I look forward to seeing your crewel work. :)

  8. I love the piano and would love to learn how to play someday. I hope you're able to dust off your piano this week!

  9. Your Etui is so pretty and your hardanger piece looks great.