Sunday, 24 March 2013


How do you use up left over fabric?   I had four "corners" left from the Confetti of Hardanger HAL and at the price linen is nowadays didn't want it to be wasted.   Knowing that if I cut out the completed piece I would find all the little triangles difficult to manage, I elected to keep the piece as intact as possible.

A small Wessex Stitcher needlecase has been stitched and cut from the 'bite' in one corner.   I stitched up all the pieces for a hardanger tassel in another corner.   Last night I decided to embrace my latent creativity (blame my Brain Day lectures for this!) and made a start on a self-designed needlework roll hussif.  I love counted work but wanted to try something new.   Late last year I found a book in our Embroiderers Guild Library called Tallesyning which is apparently the counted form of Hedebo and cousins of Hardanger. The book was written in one of the Scandinavian languages but had clear photographs.

So clear that the small portion in this photograph is the fourth time I have stitched the beast.   Merely satin stitch and cable, I wonder why I took so long to master this but an uneven count combined with a fizzy photo proved to be a hurdle too high.   I am working this in DMC Perle #8 in colour 928 which is the exact colour of the linen.
I definitely do not need another hussif, but already in my mind's eye I can see this complete.   A small cylinder lined with silk holding scissors, a tiny biscornu pin cushion, a packet of needles and a couple of floss tags. Maybe even a tape measure.   The appeal of this project is threefold
-  using up the last of the linen is a definite nod to my Scottish forebears and satisfies the desire for frugality
- mastering a new technique is satisfying and stretches the frontiers of my embroidery knowledge
- adding another hussif to my collection (while all are basically unnecessary) gratifies the acquisitive side of my nature
The HD3QBEM has been ill all last week and still doesn't look too good.   Next weekend is Easter and a four day holiday weekend for us so I am hoping to find time to relax, do some gardening, make a start on my winter sewing ( a skirt) and sort out stitching projects to take when the HD3QBEM and I go for a week's holiday (mid April) to see Little Brother and his mini-farm.  
Hope you all have a good week.


  1. I hope your mom is soon feeling better.
    I love what you are doing with the extra bits of the linen. Not only is your work beautiful, the frugality is very appealing to me also.

  2. Beautiful work as usual. I had to look up Hebedo as I have never heard of it, but Google gave me many examples. What fun to learn a new method.

  3. Lovely work Margaret, so creative. I know what you mean about wasting linen - when I start a piece and then change my mind I always feel guilty about the waste of fabric. I hope your mum picks up very soon.

  4. Lovely work dear..
    I hope your mom get well soon.
    Big hugs x

  5. I love your idea for the first left-over corner. That would be a lot of waste fabric, and I would have folded it up and stored it away myself. I hope your mom feels better soon.

  6. Great idea for utilising the leftover linen.

    I hope your Mother is feeling better soon

  7. I love looking at all your hardanger pieces,looking forward to seeing your finished scissor keep etc.