Friday, 29 March 2013

Road Art

The HD3QBEM and I have had a quick road trip. In this case, quick being a relative term, as we drove seven and a half hours to get to our destination.   The funeral over, fed and watered, we drove back again.   Needless to say the HD3QBEM is now tucked up in bed and I shall be following very soon.
Nary a stitch was sewn although I carried my current project both ways! 
But in the interests of recording this event I did photograph a few "items" that I have termed road art
In the middle of the North Island, the small town of Ohakune is known for its ski lodges and for growing delicious carrots.   Currently in a drought situation they are feeding last years "stored carrots" to the sheep.   I wonder if the fleece will turn orange?
Further north is an even smaller town with the exciting name of National Park Village.   At 2287 metres above sea level the sole reason for its existence is the ski lodges and the turn in the road leading to three volcanos where kiwis (that is, we New Zealanders) go skiing.   Petrified wood forms this sculpture of our Kiwi.
The next shot is not really road art and is well known among New Zealanders because one of our painters Peter MacIntyre had a holiday home near there and painted many pictures of this scene.
Some time on the road and further north again is Te Kuiti -  world famous in New Zealand for shearing.   With the number of sheep on the large land holdings around the town there is obviously plenty of practice available for would-be record holders.   This town has a shearing comb as its symbol. 
Near this monument is a wonderful cafe and usually the HD3QBEM and I stop there for a coffee and some carrot cake.   Today every man, his wife and his dog were already there so we drove on to the next major destination, reasonable size town, minor village, my birthplace, Otorohanga, where there is a large Kiwi conservation area and a devotion to all things Kiwi (in the broadest sense of the term).   The wall of their town office is dedicated to Kiwiana.
Having been regular patrons of Subway these past two days we were anxious to get home for some healthy home cooked food.   Can you imagine my horror when I unlocked the door and found that the Ajax on my hot water cylinder had sprung a leak.   An emergency visit from a delightful and delightfully expensive plumber (it's a public holiday here today so surcharges apply) cured the problem and I am left mopping up the carpet with every towel I possess.   So on that despondent note I am off to fill in three items in today's page of the gratitude book.
 -  I'm grateful for safe travel on congested roads on a busy public holiday
 -  I'm grateful to live in such a beautiful land
 -  I'm grateful to plumbers who work on public holidays!!


  1. Thanks for taking me on this wonderful trip!

  2. Oh Margaret what a long way to drive there and back - we've done it and I know how exhausting it is. To come home to a plumbing issue is just not fair. I hope you have a lovely Easter weekend to make up for it.

  3. Thank you for sharing your road trip. It's always interesting to see the sights along the way, not just at the destination.
    With your plumbing problem corrected, I hope you get lots of stitching time the rest of the weekend.

  4. Lovely drive. So sorry you came home to a disaster! :(

  5. The plumber just left our house....Easter Monday prices here in the US.... 'Nuff said..
    Thanks so much for the beautiful trip pictures; we were lucky enough to be in your wonderful country last March. Seeing the sights of NZ brought back happy memories; your stitching pictures always inspire.

  6. Thanks for the tour of your country. It sounds like you and your Mum enjoyed the long drive and made the most of it. What a pity there was a plumbing emergency.