Saturday, 16 March 2013


This week has been hardanger week at my house.
I completed (and have now sent in my photo) for the Needlework Masters Monthly StitchALong.  Here's a shot for the record.
Edelweiss and I became good friends thanks to Abi Gurden's excellent instructions.
The centre medallion of my Confetti of Hardanger HAL is completed and I have begun working on the buttonhole ribbon lacy edging.   Cutting all those threads took a couple of evenings and a lot of concentration!
And now for some non-stitching interest.   This week I borrowed this massive tome from the library.
Why you ask?   Well didn't you all see Heatherwick Designs wonderful cauldron at the Olympics and want to know more about such a designer?   I did.   This book fulfills that desire to some extent.  It is heavy, a real coffee table tome but it is fascinating too.  Have you ever seen a rolling bridge -  well maybe some of you have seen the actual rolling bridge.
Have a look at this video link and definitely have a look at the book if your library can get it for you.
Then I found out about the world's tiniest book which is only 0.75mm square.   But it is of great interest to stitchers as it fits into the eye of a needle!   See here.  Twenty two pages of  floral illustrations with the names of each printed in four scripts.   The newspaper report said "it is difficult to read without a magnifying glass".   I should think so.

And on that note I wish you all a  good weekend.   I am off to the Brain Day lectures at the University and am looking forward to that - especially the one on The Science of Happiness.


  1. sweet hardanger stitching..
    have a lovely weekend dear x

  2. Your hardanger pieces are just beautiful. I love that center square on your HAL. Thanks for sharing about the books, large and small. CJ in OK

  3. I do love books of all kinds too Margaret. Your hardanger is looking great - I do admire your needlework.

  4. Your hardanger is beautiful..well done!

  5. Your Hardanger is wonderful....don't know how you manage to cut those threads and not make a mistake!
    The books too were very interesting.
    I hope you let us know about the lectures and what you thought about them.

  6. Your hardanger is beautiful! And that is one teeny tiny book. How cute.

  7. Your hardanger pieces are beautiful. I hope you will tell us about Brain Day lectures!

  8. Your hardanger is simply perfect! Great work!


  9. Your hardanger looks amazing. How on earth do you turn the pages of that really tiny book, I wonder?