Saturday, 1 December 2012

Sweet Peas and progress

Today I picked a large bunch of sweet peas from the vines.  These are the HD3QEM's favourite flowers and our lounge is filled with their sweet scent.
At New Year a friend is coming from Japan to stay for a week so this afternoon I planted flower plants and did a general tidy up in the garden.   Now the weather forecast is for rain and wind tomorrow.   Oh well....
I managed to complete the next step of A Confetti of Hardanger HAL.  This week was picots and I am never very confident with those.   I followed the instructions very carefully and completed the small motif, all the while telling myself that practice makes perfect!
Now, after a busy day I am ready for bed so good night all.


  1. There is nothing quite as fresh and the scent of sweet peas.

    You are going to bed and my day is just starting.

    Sweet dreams.

  2. The sweet peas are so pretty! Love your hardanger work, the picots look perfect. I am always in awe, it makes me too nervous, the idea of cutting the threads.

  3. Lovely Sweet Peas:)
    Your hardanger piece is comming along so beautifully, and your picots are just great!
    I too have problems with picots, they sure are little rascals:D
    Take care!

  4. the sweet peas are my fav too..
    i love your hardanger work so much too..
    love for you x

  5. The sweet peas are such a pretty colour. Your needlework is always so well executed, I'm always very impressed.

  6. Your sweet peas are gorgeous & your hardanger is looking lovely

  7. Your picots look perfect and I can almost smell the sweet peas!