Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A snowy day in Auckland!

Today I have a "snow" photo
The street where I park to eat my lunch is lined with what we call Pepper Trees and currently they are in blossom. So much blossom and today so much wind that it was like a snow storm!
And then the dog across the road decided I was not to his liking.   Fortunately I was absorbed in my book and able to ignore him.
Tonight I started the finish-finish of a Christmas ornament. This ornament will travel to North to a new home and experience a snowy Christmas.
Now I must finish a few chores before going to bed.   Hopefully more news later in the week.


  1. enjoy your day deary and have a lovely stitchy time.
    hugs cucki x

  2. I always think that the cherry blossoms bring "snow" to us in the late spring. (It's the clouds and cold that bring snow to us in early spring--LOL.)

  3. I love when the cherry blossoms over here produce their "snow". There's an avenue in Edinburgh where the blossom creates a complete carpet for weeks - it's beautiful.

  4. Your snow is so much nicer than mine!