Monday, 5 November 2012

My Baden Powell moment!

Two years ago when the major earthquake destroyed Christchurch City I made a start on a disaster kit.
A gas cooker, a couple of gas canisters, a radio, a torch, matches, plastic bags etc etc etc.   All of the above carefully placed in two carry bags in the bottom of my wardrobe.   I figured that the HD3QEM could carry the lighter one and I would have her on one arm and the other heavier disaster bag on the other.   Well, two years is a long time.   There is no way now that the HD3QEM could carry one bag , no matter how light.   In a disaster her walking stick would be all she could manage.  So a drastic rethink began and continued and continued and ....
You get the idea?
Then Superstorm Sandy visited the USA and I decided that action was necessary now so thoughts got transformed to actions.  I found on line a supplier of disaster kits like this one
It has all the essentials like a folding shovel (for digging a latrine?!), a wind up torch and radio (no need for batteries), first aid kit, emergency blankets etc etc etc.   There is also a supply of dehydrated provisions supposedly sufficient for four people for three days (but that presumes the provision of clean water!)  The disaster bag has a good strong shoulder strap.
That accounts for one shoulder and one portion of necessary disaster kit.   Our Civil Defence agencies provide helpful lists of what is necessary and in a back pack I have the aforementioned gas cooker etc etc as well as food and water sufficient for two people for three days, and water purifying tablets so that aforementioned dehydrated food will be usable.
So with a back pack keeping me erect, a disaster bag hanging on my left shoulder and the HD3QEM hanging on my right (thereby ensuring I can talk into her "good ear"), I am prepared for the inevitable disaster.   Apparently in Auckland that is likely to be a volcanic explosion which seems reasonable considering that the city is built on the dormant remains of 53 volcanic craters.   According to Wikipedia, this volcanic field is likely to erupt again within the next "hundreds to thousands of years".   Now, wouldn't Baden Powell have been impressed with my preparedness?


  1. yes a good Girl Guide would always Be Prepared.
    well done Margaret

  2. Great idea to have a bag like this. :)

  3. I am so impressed, great forward planning.

  4. Better safe than sorry. I admire your forethought.