Saturday, 10 November 2012


Enough is enough, I told myself.   You must be feeling better now.    
So, I drove off to the Zealong Tea Estate with my friend Tomoko.   Who would have thought that camelias could turn into delicious tea?   A Taiwanese man, certain that the climate was suitable to grow camelias and the particular breed that turns into Oolong tea formed this tea estate in 2009.  
The entry way was lined with these huge bronze teapots and tea cups.  Each different but huge -  here's a perspective shot!
Once at the Camelia Tea House we ordered our tea.   A choice of pure, aromatic, dark and black.   Our obliging waitress, Grace told us that we could get 8 infusions from each spoonful and she was correct.  A small hibachi beside the table kept us supplied with hotwater and we certainly infused 8 cups of tea each from our pure (on the left) and dark(on the right).   We decided that pure tasted like Japanese Green Tea and that dark tasted like Japanese Hojicha.
Perhaps I was distracted by the beauty of the surroundings though and lost count?
Tomoko and I opted for Classic High Tea - and I expected cucumber sandwiches, scones and petit fours.   This is what came out
Tortilla wraps, filo baskets, toasted tortilla crisps with pesto dip, freshly baked scone with vanilla bean mascarpone, house-made raspberry preserve, and two almond tarts.
Well replete,  Tomoko and I soaked up the scenery and sun before driving home to Auckland.  
And yes, I am feeling better now although am still half deaf, croaky in voice and tired of being confined to home, books and DVDs.
Somehow I don't really feel like any stitching tonight so will curl up on the sofa to watch Antiques Roadshow and Silent Witness.   Perhaps my enthusiasm for stitching will return if I force a break?
Have a good evening everyone.


  1. Aww so pretty ..
    Love for you xx

  2. Lovely photos, I'm so envious of your spring time at the moment. I love your blouse, very much my taste. PS Alan has very kindly passed on his virus to me and I've been off work too!

  3. What a wonderful outing. Hot tea in a beautiful environment surely makes a person feel better.

  4. How lovely! Hope the tea session and wonderful scenery will boost your health and spirit so you feel much better soon.
    Take care,

  5. We once went for dim sum in Los Angeles and ordered tea. When we poured it it was highlighter yellow. (I thought someone had peed in the teapot, honestly.) When we opened the pot, it looked like there was a mop floating in it! Jasmine. Tasted fabulous!

    It sounds like you had a much nicer experience!