Saturday, 17 November 2012

Another Wet Saturday...

Yet another wet Saturday but as usual I have been busy.
This morning I was up early to bake: two fruit loaves, 5 dozen chocolate chip biscuits, a fruit slice and a banana cake.   All turned out well and I am hoping this banana cake will all be eaten for morning tea at church tomorrow morning.
In the afternoon I went to Embroiderers Guild and forgot to take my camera.   We had a most interesting talk by a lady who makes porcelain dolls.   She hand sews and embroiderers the complicated clothes these dolls wear.   Some of the baby dolls wore knitted layettes -  the yarn was a really fine #100 crochet cotton!   I was most taken with the tiny 1 inch high hand knitted little Gollywog.
While at Guild I completed the stitching on this ornament from the 2012 JCS Ornament Issue.  Airforce Blue doesn't seem a really Christmas colour to me so I changed it out for DMC 816 which satisfies me a lot better.  I'm really pleased with this- easy to stitch and being circular it was also easy to finish.

And this afternoon I did motif number three of the Confetti of Hardanger HAL so am up to date with that one too. Another six motifs to come and then the lacy edging.   I am enjoying this.
Tonight we will watch the Antiques Road Show (no talking allowed which will be good for my sore throat) and I plan on starting another Christmas Ornament.
After a few days of knitting I have decided that, yes, I do prefer needles with eyes.
Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. a very pretty little ornament and your embroidery piece is looking gorgeous - hugs, Amanda

  2. What a lot you accomplished in one day! The banana cake looks delicious. The ornament is very pretty, but I have to tell you, I love how the hardanger is coming along. I admire the way you keep up with the stitch along and finish projects. If ever I get caught up on all my unfinished projects, I want to be like you!

  3. Your baking sounds scrumptious and you banana cake beautifully presented. What is your all time favourite bake?

    I love baking and sharing recipes. It is always interesting to see different takes on baking.

  4. a very cute ornament and beautiful stitching..
    have a lovely weekend x

  5. That cake looks delicious. Love the way you put the frosting on.
    Beautiful little ornament. Your WIP looks fantastic too.

  6. I wasn't very impressed with the 2012 JSC Christmas magazine this year but seeing your beautiful Peace ornament means I must take another look! Wishing you and HDHBM early Christmas greetings!

  7. That cake looks so yum! Love how you did the Peace ornament, looks so pretty with the red.

  8. That's a lot of baking Margaret, it looks delicious. I hope your throat improves soon, it's a virus that drags on and on unfortunately.

  9. That banana cake looks seriously yummy

    Congratulations on finishing your ornament and the hardanger is gorgeous