Saturday, 3 November 2012

Under the weather

For the past two days it has been very silent at our house.   My voice has vanished and left in its place a hoarse croak and a pitifully non-productive but extremely irritating cough.   I dragged through a busy day at work on Friday sustained only by the thought that in the weekend I would have time to recuperate and to indulge.   Well....

Today the HD3QEM and I travelled to the south of the city to visit the exhibition put on by a neighbouring embroiderers guild.   Inclement weather, and her loving daughter's  ill health couldn't dissuade the HD3QEM from this adventure as she had deduced, with rare enthusiasm, that on our return journey we would pass by Daruma Sushi once again.   We both enjoy sushi and chawan mushi so it was a shared pleasure.
The exhibition was wonderful.   This particular guild always have a strong bias to traditional stitching and I enjoy the inspiration and stimulus I receive in seeing all the beautiful work.   My camera battery was dead so I took these using my iPod. Can you guess which section of the exhibition was my favourite -  yes yes yes!  The counted traditional work.   These are some examples of Hardanger, Punto Antico, Schwalm, Reticella and Ruskin Lace. I did take my Moleskine and despite being artistically challenged sketched one or two ideas that some time in the future I may try to imitate.
I have completed the one medallion on Part 7 of A Confetti of Hardanger.   This is needle woven bars and I am desperately hoping that the next medallion will be slightly more complex and give a greater degree of satisfaction.

The front and back of Shelleys Jewellery Box are now completed and have been put into hibernation to allow me to complete some of my other projects.   I really like the centre panel of this one.   Here's
a close up of that part -  the colour is not correct.
Currently I am working on a "tone on tone" counted thread hussif.   This is chewing through the thread and I had to call in to my LNS and stock up on some more floss.   Originally I had planned to use linen and floss from my stash but didn't count on this using quite so much floss.   Hopefully the finished product will justify the outlay. The linen is a pretty lavender 28 count cashel linen and the thread is GAST Lavender Pot Pourri.
 Well, I'm off to make dinner now and settle down for a stitching evening.


  1. I miss catching up on the exhibitions noe being so far awasy.
    May I ask was it Counties Guild?
    Get better quickly and enjoy some of what is left of the weekend.

  2. Sending you lots of love and hugs dear xxx

  3. I do hope you recover quickly. How wonderful the exhibition looks.

    I am just finishing a book and am stumped for the next one. Any recommendations?

  4. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. I would have liked to have tagged along for the guild exhibit and sushi! As always, your work is lovely.

  5. I hope you feel better soon. Seems to be a lot of this type of illness going around. Looks like a lovely exhibit!

  6. It sounds like you had a good time at the exhibition even though you were feeling awful. I do hope you feel better soon.

    I love the detail of the center panel of that box! it is very pretty. All of your work is beautiful as always. :)

  7. Sounds like a similar virus to the one my husband currently has - I hope you feel much better today. The centre panel of your jewellery box design is just gorgeous - so intricate. The tone on tone design is so pretty, you stitch so many things that I find appealing.

  8. Lovely stitching. The exhibit looks great and inspirational.
    I hope that you are feeling better soon!

  9. The exhibition sounds great.

    I saw this and thought of you:

    Hope you get your voice back, you really need a full set of the senses between you and the HB3QEM!