Friday, 14 December 2012

Today I felt that my library was not my friend!

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that my library was anything but a very dear friend, stuffed to the gunwales with books to satisfy my every craving.   What is more, they have a fantastic request and hold system!   So far so good.   Over the past week I have been requesting books I see recommended on other avid-readers-book-blogs.   Perhaps my requests have overloaded the system?   I have 19 on request and 8 of them have been in transit for three days.   THREE WHOLE DAYS!   Each lunch hour I have been in, but the hold shelf contains no flapping paper with my name on it in bold capitals.   Disappointed once again I exit.   However I still have 10 beside my bed, unread and each vieing with the other for my attention.
Once again I am back to my friendly needles with eyes.   The knitting is progressing well but the next episode of the Hardanger SAL needs attention.  
This lesson is Part 10 so was easily finished leaving me time to make a start on the inside back cover of  the Hari Kuyo Needlebook.
I have ummhed and aahed for so long over what to put on this page.   The designer has "Broken But Not Forgotten" which didn't resonate with me.   Much scratching of the head and then last night, while knitting, a eureka moment.   Why not go for Japanese. So here it is....
which means Honourable Hard Work.   My needles certainly get that -  both those with eyes and those without.   So they shall rest on a pad of doctors flannel embellished with this notation.   Once that is done construction can be finalised.   The next head-scratching dliemma is what to put on the ends of the cord which ties the whole book together.   I await another epihany for that.


  1. In Cornwall we can download e books and audiobooks free of charge from the library. Do you have that facility.

  2. Oh the disappointment Margaret, hopefully they will all appear soon. I'm still loving having a Kindle, have you ever thought about having one?

  3. I reserve books on line too, It's a great idea although currently i am in a que for three books and i'm 26th out of 45, for one,22nd out of 22, 9th out of 14 for another and 26th out of 45 for the third!! Guess i won't be getting any of those on loan before Christmas, lol.
    Do you get the option for a text message to be sent when your books are available? We do, it saves keep going in a checking to see if they have your name on.

  4. The Japanese is perfect for the Hari Kuyo needlebook!

  5. Your choice of "honorable hard work" is a great choice.

  6. Your choice of "honorable hard work" is a great choice.