Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Tired needles and tired eyes

My "needles without eyes" have been in overdrive this week as the end is in sight on the "Twenties Chic" top.   I am pleased with the way this has turned out and even more delighted that my poor shoulders which generally creak and groan and demand attention with any repetitive action, have survived this marathon well.  That final surgery four years ago has certainly made knitting more pleasurable.  The handsome surgeon was called Mr Wright so what else could one expect!  

In between knit purl and its various combinations, I have completed part 10 of the Confetti of Hardanger HAL.   Picots and I have reached an equable relationship but we will never be best of friends!
The first two pages of the Needlework Masters Monthly SAL for 2013 are tacked out ready to go.   First page is to be Assissi work - but I have yet to decide the colour of the thread.   Have you ever seen this great webpage with lots of free charts? 

My Hari Kuyo Needlebook is making progress too.   The "final resting place" felt pad (well, doctors flannel if we want to be absolutely precise) for the inside back cover is completed and my next decision has to be on the tape/rouleau/ribbon with which to fasten the book.
I had a piece among my Japanese bits and pieces but it seems too dull  in colour so I may have to make my own.  Here's a shot.
What do you think?  Less than inspiring? It really needs a red doesn't it? While I had wanted to complete this needlbook by the end of the year, that dream is becoming less and less of a possibility in the pre-Christmas rush.

And the tired eyes....?   It's all Ian Rankin's fault!   At the library on Saturday to pick out some large print books for the HD3QEM's holiday reading, I spied the latest Inspector Rebus on the What's Hot shelf.   Irresistible and once started, unstoppable.  Not all of my requests have come yet.  At least the email I received told me that five were ready but there's still another 14 on request. I am part way through and enjoying The Woman Who Went to Bed For a Year, so I can wait a little longer.   
My library had an interesting Christmas Tree at the door.  I will not be replicating this but enjoyed the one they had put up. Here's a closer shot.
This little ornament went far across the seas and has been received safely now so I can show it.
Cute isn't it -  well for cat lovers it is.
Hope your week is going well.   We had been hoping for a sunny Christmas but it looks as if Cyclone Evan, having destroyed much of Samoa and Fiji may arrive here, downgraded to a storm but still with sufficient reserves of rain to spoil the day.   I hope not!


  1. I think red ribbon/tape would look good Margaret. Your work is always inspiring and you've been busy on all fronts. The stitched ornament is so bonnie and will come out each year and hang (in a safe place), thank you again for your kindness.

  2. The hardanger is beautiful and the needlebook a treasure. I don't know how you get so much stitching and knitting done and still read and work too!

  3. I greatly enjoyed the lastest Rebus, so good to have him back, methinks that there will be another novel featuring him soon.

  4. Hello dear the hardanger is so lovely and the needle book is the sweetest ..
    Love for you x

  5. Wow! Such beautiful projects.
    The ornament is so sweet :)

  6. The needlebook is coming along so nicely and the hardanger piece is heavenly for sure. The ornament is so cute!