Sunday, 9 December 2012

Hari Kuyo

In October I enrolled with Susan Elliot to make  this needlebook and although all instructions arrived in November as promised, I took no action until last night.   Diverted by those needles with no eyes, I was knitting last month but feel that I have earned a side trip down "Tapestry Needle Lane" before I complete the knitting.
So, I cut out the various pieces and yesterday evening made a start.
Here's the cover I made - note I avoided the suggested ribbon embroidery in the interests of retaining my sanity!   I have tried to use all Japanese materials (except for the DMC perle which I used for the embroidery).
I stitched the small labels on each of the felt pages.
Tonight I hope to stitch the "Honourable Rest"  page for used and/or broken needles which is at the back of the book.   Perhaps if I work diligently at this I can complete the whole book this week.   I need to make the effort so that I can get back to the knitting and complete that too.
I'm off now to pick sweet peas from the garden and to give the thirsty plants a drink of water.


  1. I love the sent of sweet peas but its the wrong time of year in the UK for them.

  2. I love sweet peas too..
    Good luck with the needle book xxx

  3. Oh Margaret, I do so envy you being in the midst of summer at the moment. It's been snowy and frosty with us for a week now but today the sun is shining.

  4. I read Plays with Needles and have seen the beautiful needlebook class on her blog. I love what you are doing with it and look forward to seeing the finished book!

  5. I like the sound of your needlebook, looking forward to seeing it done

  6. You are so incredibly talented! The needlebook is going to be fabulous!!!

  7. You are so incredibly talented! The needlebook is going to be fabulous!!!