Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas Preparations

Today has been busy with Christmas preparation, but there are still a lot of items on the list.
Oh dear.
Presents not yet wrapped -  our tree is still looking a little lonely.
The HD3QEM says she has wrapped hers but hasn't put them under the tree to stop me peeking!  Really, what an insult.   I gave up peeking years ago :-)
But my reading preparation is complete.   I have sufficient to last the holidays and beyond.
The knitting is basically complete -  I will do the two tie bands tonight while watching Antiques Roadshow.  So this afternoon I stitched up the Christmas Sampler. This chart is a freebie from Samplers and Santas blog here.  
Somehow it is difficult to get a realistic pear shape and I decided this one looks like a Buerre Bosc while the Sampler Pear looked more like a Danjou.   What do you think?   Would you know they are pears if you hadn't been told?
It has been another fine hot day here during which we are promised a tropical storm as the left overs of Cyclone Evan draw closer.   That's a little hard to believe at the moment but the garden certainly needs rain.
Have a good evening everyone.


  1. They do look like pears. Are you sure you can't resist just a little squeeze !!!

  2. Yup they do look like pears and I love them so much xx

  3. I would definitely have known they were pears, Barbara! Have a lovely Christmas.

  4. They do look like pears Margaret, they are very neat. There is something very appealing about apple and pear shapes in needlework.

  5. They definitely look like pears, they're lovely

    Your stack of books looks interesting, I wish I were going to get some time for serious reading this holiday but my children will have other ideas!