Saturday, 4 February 2012

The postman has been busy this week!

Good evening to you all.
This week the postman has been busy.
First he brought me a package all the way from Japan.   I won a giveaway on Tussie Mussie and Sanae sent me some wonderful charts, beautiful silk threads and Japanese needles (made by a firm that is 300 years old!)   Do go visit her blog -  she currently has a snapshot of some wonderfully unique Bird Apartments!

Next the postman brought me a box from Shiela (no blog).   One of her stitching group ladies donated a lot of linen and kind Shiela thought to send some to me.   Some of the colours are not readily available in New Zealand and I feel really blessed to receive this wonderful supply. 
In my mind these pieces are already turning into, needle cases, hussifs, samplers, hardanger etc etc etc Wouldn't it be nice if every weekend we had extra long days, extra supplies of energy and the optimum conditions for stitching! I think I would love that.

Today I went out for a walk twice!   Once around Cornwall Park where I wished I had my camera with me.   If the weather holds fine we will go back on Monday and I will take some snap shots.    Then late afternoon I went for a walk up and around my local volcano, Mt Eden.   So thoroughly exercised, well fed and watered I am settling in for a night of stitching and TV.  I have been continuing on my Garden Ball -  I am doing this exactly as the kit and each of the pieces is a different colour of 28 count linen.   This is a dreadful photograph but shows the progress made.

Only one colour linen to go and then I should be able to construct the ball itself.   Hopefully this will be a finish by the end of this long weekend -  yes!!!  Monday is another public holiday.   Does anyone else plan out what they are going to do next, even before they have finished the current project?   I do.   I have a list of projects that I want to do in 2012 (an ever growing list I should say) and I have already chosen that the next project will be The Victoria Sampler Heirloom Nativity Sampler.   This is already kitted up and ready to go so of course I am getting impatient.   Today when we went out shopping I didn't go anywhere near the needlework shop -  too tempting by far.   There are enough projects and supplies in my cupboard to last me into next century (well almost) so I don't need to go out adding to the stash.   How long will this self-control last I wonder?
Well, that's all to report for today.  


  1. I look forward to seeing this design complete. I have long admired it but never seen it stitched.

  2. Thank you Margaret.I am glad to have arrived safely charts!

  3. Look at all those great goodies and stitches! Can't wait to see your garden ball!

  4. Beautiful progress Margaret! And congrats on winning Sana's giveaway!! I've followed her since the beginning and love her pictures and stitching!! Those lines are so lovely! Can't wait to see what you will do with them!!