Saturday, 11 February 2012

A sunny and hot weekend

Whew, I am pleased that this week is over.   Today started off with a fine drizzle of rain but has cleared to a beautiful hot sunny day.  
Yesterday the HDHBEM was discharged from hospital but while it is good to have her home she hasn't strength or energy to do much more than move from bed to chair.   This morning I washed and set her hair in curlers for her and even if I say so myself, I did a reasonably creditable job!   However I have no wish to become a hairdresser and when she says "Thank you dear.   It feels much cleaner" I feel damned with faint praise. Ha ha.
Then this morning I had to take a pair of shoes to be repaired so called in at the LNS and at the Library.
Here's a picture of the stash from each.   Can you tell which came from where??

The new embroidery hoop was a necessity as my current one is starting to delaminate - proof of overuse perhaps.   The hardanger runner was made by the HDHBEM around 25 years ago -  I love it and have it in constant use.
And the books are to add to the stalacmite of reading material beside my bed.  "Friendship Bread" seems to have a recipe for a 'bread bug' at the core of the plot.   I wonder about those bugs and am mindful that this book is fictional but it wouldn't be very expensive to try it out.   Some years ago I did have a 'yogurt bug' which worked well.   Perhaps this is something similar.
I am currently stitching on Victoria Sampler's Heirloom Nativity Sampler and truth be told I am not enjoying it very much.   When I get the words and the next two bands done this piece will go into respite care for a time and I will try something else.   As it isn't needed until Christmas I can please myself a little can't I?  Here's a wrinkly snapshot of the top.   A gold star charm goes into the middle of the top and pearl beads go above each white heart -  at the end when I will do all the beading in one fell swoop.

Have a great evening everyone.


  1. You make me smile Margaret with some of your comments. I'm glad your mum is home and I think you do a marvelous job of helping to look after her. It's funny how some designs lose their appeal - a break is what's needed.

  2. You are doing a great job of caring for you hbhdm! Your stitching looks beautiful great job! X

  3. I'm so glad the hdhbem is home. I'm sure she feels like a million dollars with her hair done! WOw, that is a beautiful runner she made. It's really the one of the nicest pieces I've seen.

    MC Beaton is my absolute favorite author! Isn't she a kick?!

    Your Nativity Sampler is going to be a real show piece. It's sublime.

  4. Glad you took a little time to treat yourself even if it was just a new hoop. Let us know what the Bread Bug is like. The nativity start is pretty, thge heart border is just lovely. But definitely have fun with whatever you stitch. CJ in OK ;-)

  5. Glad your mum is home. I think a "bug" sounds like what we call a starter. Frankly, I think we have the better name for it! :)

  6. So glad to hear that your Mum is home and doing better. Believe me, I know how she feels with clean hair and I'm sure she appreciates the special do you gave her too. The Nativity Sampler is looking beautiful. That is one project I loved working on and it hangs year round as do most of my Christmas pieces. Enjoy your stitching and reading.