Monday, 6 February 2012

How not to spend a day off work!

Today is a public holiday in New Zealand and I had a long list of 'chores and of pleasurable activities'.   However last night we made yet another visit to the Emergency Department and the HDHBEM is tucked up in bed on Ward 65  and I still have my long list of 'chores and pleasurable activities' as well as a slight giddiness due to fatigue.   Before hospital visiting hours start this afternoon I am determined to cross items of that list so....
The car is washed
The runner beans have been taken out of the garden and consigned to the organic refuse bag
The laundry is done and pegged on the clothes line
The GARDEN BALL is completed
The cardigan for Kelly has its buttons sewn on (photo of that one later)

Oh yippee.   All the chores are done.   I can cope with a list of pleasurable activities!

Now for a report.   The Twisted Oaks Designs "A Patchwork Garden Pincushion Ball" was a joy to stitch.   I love the mathematical twist to the construction, the chart instructions were excellent, the floss was a joy to stitch with and it turned out pretty well.   This chart is highly recommended.   Sometime designers have wonderful ideas but their instructions lack a certain something.   Not this one - it's wonderful.  Here's a couple of not so good photographs.

 And following my "promise to self" that each finish means I must tidy up the unfinished smalls -  I am stitching up a tiny lavender bag.   Only three of these unfinished smalls to go, so that has been a satisfactory lesson in self discipline.
My niece and her partner have just returned to New Zealand after three years in the UK.   They travelled home via India and during their three weeks there, Heidi came across these lovely lace motifs which she kindly brought back to her Aunty.   I'm looking for inspiration as to how to use the elephants as I already have an idea for the flowers.   Any suggestions?
And this is one of the beautiful white lilies that I have flowering at present.   Its scent and beauty are a real cheer at present.
Hope your day is going better than mine. 


  1. Oh, Margaret, I am sorry, much love to your mum and you!

  2. Judith of Twisted Oaks would love to know you enjoy her design and that the finishing came easy to you. She is a fellow Okie whom I've had the pleasure to stitch with. Your finish is beautiful. Hope you have the energy left for a few pleasurable activities. The best to you and your family. CJ in OK ;-)

  3. I hope your mom feels better soon!

  4. Do love your pin cushion ball.
    Take care and I hope your mother's stay in hospital is not for too long.

  5. Lovely patchwork ball. I'll be thinking of you and your mum. It's not easy when a loved one is in hospital.

  6. Your garden ball is beautiful Margaret, instructions on finishing does throw me a bit sometimes. Good to hear there are good ones out there.
    Speedy recovery for the HDHBEM!

  7. I was checking today to see how your
    mother is doing. I hope she has
    improved and is now home knitting away!