Tuesday, 7 February 2012

What did I do to deserve this????

Good evening all.   Thank you so much for your good wishes to the HDHBEM.   She is doing well and in her own words "the lovely Indian gentleman doctor insists I stay here until he is happy" so she certainly won't be home for a while.   Pneumonia is best controlled in hospital so I am happy to concur with the lovely Indian gentleman doctor :-)

Now you won't believe what happened to me today?   I went to work early so I could leave early to visit the HDHBEM.   But at around 8:30am the general manager came and asked me to take a colleague to the Emergency Department.   I could hardly believe my ears.   Hadn't I just spent a major portion of my long weekend in precisely that place?   But orders are orders so off I went.   At 10:30 the ED doctor sent us off to another hospital for a hand specialist to review and comment.   A loooong wait and finally at 2pm we met a nurse who said the doctor would be along soon.   At 3pm the doctor came and we both got back to the office at just after 4:30pm; my colleague in a cast and me barely holding on to the remnants of a good mood.   No lunch, no morning tea no afternoon tea and no sense of humour left!  I hereby go on record that I do not care if I never see the inside of a hospital emergency department ever again.   Whatever did I do in a previous existence to deserve this????   What a day.    Of course I went up to visit the HDHBEM after work and told her the story..... and you know what?   She laughed!

Naturally there are no stitching photos but I have a snapshot of the small cardigan the HDHBEM knitted for baby Kelly.   I hope to see her again this weekend and deliver this.   Don't you love the buttons -  they are a perfect match.

Have a great night everyone.


  1. Oof, what a day! I'm glad your mom is in good hands and hope she has a speedy recovery. The little sweater she knitted is darling!

  2. Lovely little cardie - poor you Margaret, I've done the whole waiting for hours with elderly parents and aunt and it's not much fun at all. I hope your mum continues to improve.

  3. Hi there,
    This is my first comment, but just had to say what awful 'luck' and the two trips, and do hope your Mum gets well soon - I love your work and often look in awe at all your constructions! Thanks for sharing very much!


  4. What a day indeed. Glad you finally got to see your mum. Love the cardigan. Quite amazing she is still able to knit so well. x

  5. Oh Margaret, God thinks you are a good caring person, that's why! Just think it's another coin in your karma jar.

    I'm making light of it but I know it must've been awful.

    I hope your mom continues to improve. You made her laugh!

    Your little cardie is beautiful.

  6. Poor you!
    The family joke is that my hubby spent so much time in A&E as a child that his mother decided to train as a nurse so at least she'd get paid for being there!