Monday, 20 February 2012

All the way from Japan

Look what the mailman brought to my door this morning.

Sonoko, from Kagoshima in southern Japan saw this in a store and kindly sent it as a "cheer up and get well" gift for the HDHBEM.  From what she tells me this came from a cute little "French style" patisserie near her home and the little basket is decorated especially for the Girls' Day Festival on 3rd March.   Naturally we two 'girls' in this house were delighted and have already enjoyed one each -  a delicious cookie for me and a madeline for the HDHBEM.  
Picture from the internet

Traditionally homes display complicated platforms covered in red carpet on which they place a multitude of dolls which depict the Emperor, Empress and attendants dressed in clothing from the Heian Period (around 800-1200AD).   These are displayed from around mid-February but must be taken down no later than 4 March as superstition says that leaving the dolls on display beyond this time may result in the daughters of the house not marrying!!   You can imagine the cost of such displays and the space required so most modern families probably don't have anything so elaborate.

Picture from the internet
But most cake, cookie and sweet shops in Japan will have all types of suitable celebratory goods in store right now.  Strawberry decorated cream sponge cakes, cookies in cute containers etc   The stores are certainly worth a visit this time of year.    Thank you Sonoko for reminding me of  the celebration of Girls Day.   Your "cheer up" gift worked well -  we are both smiling!


  1. What a lovely gift, I'm sure it lifted your mum's spirits. Japan is an amazing country with so many interesting customs.

  2. That basket is too darn cute! It was so very thoughtful of your friend to send this lovely "Girls Day" gift.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the simply lovely pics and a little history of this celebration. I'm going to try to decorate a sponge cake just like that cute one pictured. But mine won't be half as pretty!


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  4. Lovely gifts. I was also decorate the doll at Girls’ Festival.
    Of course, a very small size:)