Saturday, 28 January 2012

A long weekend

Good evening everyone.   I have been back at work again this past week and after three days off it was hard to settle to routine and catch up on the pile of paper.   Now we have Monday as a Public Holiday and I am enjoying a long weekend and have a long list of chores.
The wedding went well although the weather was a disaster.   Saturday and Monday were fine and hot but Sunday, the day of the wedding was Wet Wet Wet.   And windy -  we all realised afresh why our capital city is called Windy Wellington!   Hence no photos except a few my Little Sister has sent me.   I know I have introduced you to the HDHBEM before but has Little Sister shown her face?   I can't remember - but here we are, the three women of the family.
Besides the bride and groom there were four bridesmaids, a best man and three groomsmen, two flower girls and a page boy so the bridal party travelled by bus!

My new niece-in-law is very creative and made the cake topper herself.  This is the "best photo" I have of the bride and groom at present (ha ha. By way of explanation- my nephew loves Batman)
Now for a stitching catch up. I have finished the Sajou M and it has exceeded my expectations. I love the flow of the letter and the colour of the thread. Now I will need to choose a suitable frame and it can go on the wall.

While away, I did all the tacking on the Red Toblerone and made a start on the stitching.  
 Progress was rapid until the HDHBEM reminded me that this was to be my Guild project so I stopped that and started another project -  Twisted Oaks Designs - 'a patchwork garden ball'.   There are 18 segments done on six different colours of 28 count linen, using mainly Dinky Dyes Silks and Simply Shaker Overdyed threads.   This is my start on the G of garden.
Today, before the HDHBEM and I went into the city on the bus to do some shopping for her, I made a chocolate slice and iced it.   We came back for a quick lunch at home and then out to do the grocery, fruit and vege shopping.   Also, we went to the garden shop and then I planted some lettuce, carrots, silverbeet and some new parsley plants.  A quick 45 minute walk and then I made a new recipe for dinner -"Cod Fillets Pizza Style".   Very nice; we shall try that again.  Wow.   Written like that it sounds a very busy day.   Tonight I will relax with some stitching in front of Midsomer Murders.  


  1. Lovely photo of the three of you together. You look very like your mum in that particular pic. You've certainly been busy.

  2. Absolutely love the letter "M"...nice picture of you 3 ladies!

  3. Маргарет! Замечательные выходные! Буква "М" понравилась!

  4. I Love the Red Toblerone. Can you give us any details on where to find the pattern? Your Letter M is absolutely beautiful. Now I'm going to have to start looking at the Letter S. What a lovely idea. It is such a beautiful picture of your Sister and Mom. You sure do look like such great friends.