Friday, 6 January 2012

And finally some stitching to report

Before the stitching snapshots I have this to show you.   I went into the city today and visited McDonalds for a Diet Coke.   It came in a paper cup with this exhortation from Ronald McDonald himself.   Who would have thought that clown to be so interested in such intellectual pastimes??

But for once I agree with Ronald:   I too love reading books and thanks to these two weeks of holidays have managed to finish four.   The stalagmite of books besides my bed is not growing at an alarming rate just at present.   However there is a notice from the library that they are holding two of my requests for me.
Mother and I have just finished "reading" this audiobook and I would heartily recommend it -  a murder story to rival any Agatha Christie with a suitable twist in the tail.

Now for the promised stitching update

Tomorrow I hope to construct the small "sewing bits and bobs" bags for which both these pieces of stitching are intended.   There is a small pocket on the inside of each for needle packets or small scissors and then a drawstring bag sits in the centre to hold the "bits and bobs".   The bird will have a green lining and berry toggles on the twisted thread draw cord.   I wanted to try another in the same construction so this Wessex Stitchery piece will have a french navy lining and linen toggles on a finger knitted cord.   At least that is the we shall see.  
I have the grocery shopping and a visit to the local mall to fit in tomorrow as well but we are promised rain (again) so I won't need to feel I should be doing other chores.   Weeding the garden and washing the car can wait until the next weekend.


  1. Thanks for the book a mystery.
    Looking forward to seeing the stitching bags completed.

  2. The stitching is so beautiful. So glad that you had time to catch up on some reading.

  3. Margaret - Where did the chart for "Bits and Bobs" come from? Terry