Sunday, 8 January 2012

Blogaversary Draw - delayed result

Good afternoon to you all.   Yesterday the HDHBEM was supposed to draw the winning entry but she went to bed early. 
Today we had a little discussion.   Not everyone counted the correct number of Hospice Cardigans but the HDHBEM said that everyone should be included in the draw as they had shown such a kindly interest in her work!   So I dusted off Grandma's bowl, folded all entries and away we went.

And guess what??? The HDBEM drew a winner who also had the correct count!  
Yes there were 20 Hospice Cardigans in that photo.  Congratulations Barb.   Please email me your postal address and your prize will be on its way to you this week.
Thankyou to everyone who participated in my blogaversary and gave such pleasure to the HDHBEM.  I  love getting comments and getting to know new blog friends.
Barb, I see you were asking after Madame Muriel.   When she left me she went to the UK to spend Christmas.   You can follow her on this blog.
This afternoon  have made 5 dozen chocolate chip cookies and a Ginger Crunch slice so now I am ready to finish off the Bits and Bobs sewing pocket.  Have a great day everyone.


  1. How thoughtful to include everyone! Congrats to your winner!!!

  2. Congratulations Barb. It's a pleasure to visit your blog Margaret.

  3. Hi Margaret,

    I am thrilled to be the winner of your contest. I had to read your blog twice to see if you were actually writing about me. Thanks also to your mom for all of her Hospice knitting and giving you a reason to hold a contest!!
    However, I seem to be having a problem trying to e-mail you from the states. I need to do all sorts of things to get the e-mail to go through and, frankly, I do not have the least idea of what I am supposed to do. So, after spending time yesterday and today on this, I think you should award the prize to someone else. I would be happy to have one of your other blog readers resceive the prize.
    Thanks so much to you and your mom and "happy stitching and knitting".