Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Marguerites etc

Today I have been busy stitching but have no photographs to show you of that.  
This photo is of the cooperative effort for the most recent Hospice Cardigan.   The HDHBEM baulked at doing the lacy edge so I offered to do that part and gladly left the sewing up and attaching of all 10 buttons to her.   Looks good though, doesn't it?

On my walk up Mt Eden today I took this snapshot of the lovely Marguerites.   Up until recent months there were cattle grazing on the mountain so the grass was kept under control.   Since the removal of the cattle the sides of the path are lined with grasses of many varieties, purple and white clover flowers, borage, common yellow daisies and these lovely Marguerites.   Nothing common about them!!

Tomorrow I have to go to work for one day in order to print off and send out the customer statements.   Just one day though and then I have Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday off to enjoy.   The HDHBEM and I plan a mini roadtrip on Thursday - we will probably take a picnic and make use of the fancy new picnic basket I received at Christmas.
Have a good evening everyone and don't forget to sign up for the giveaway which I will draw on Saturday evening (NZ time).   Please leave a comment on this post only.


  1. What a bright spot those flowers are! Sign me up...have a good road trip....be sure to take me along with pictures!!!

  2. Маргарет! Какая ты молодец! Красивая кофточка!
    С Новым годом!!! Счастья и здоровья тебе, твоей маме!!!

  3. Lucky you having another four days off. I go back to what we call "old clothes and porridge" tomorrow and that's it.