Saturday 6 March 2010

No stitching - only knitting

No stitching news to report today. I promised to do the diamond band at the bottom of the cardigan the "half deaf half blind elderly Mother" (hdhbeM) will knit for me. So here's why I haven't been stitching. Tonight will see the first instalment of my promise complete and I am back to DMC and John James needles not Patons 8 Ply Totem and Milwards 4mm knitting pins!

The hdhbeM knits childrens sweaters for the local hospice charity shop and over the past year has done 20. After Easter she takes them to the store and they after pricing them, make a window display of them all. Guess what the hdhbeM does then - she watches each day to see which sells first, how many sell each day, how long it takes to sell the last one etc. Its almost like collecting statistics! One day at the local supermarket we saw a small girl wearing a hdhbeM sweater and I admit to a certain sense of excited satisfaction also. Basking in reflected glory perhaps?

Anyway this is a snapshot of this years hdhbeM sweaters - taken to send to my younger sister who does something similar in the city where she lives. She doesn't have this tally though! And hers of course are ydohdhbeM sweaters = "younger daughter of half deaf half blind elderly Mother"


Catherine said...

What an awesome project! They are beautiful sweaters!

Melissa said...

That's wonderful that your mom can still knit all those beautiful sweaters. What an achievement!

staci said...

Fabulous knitting from all parties! That must have been quite a thrill to see a child wearing one of your mom's creations!

hohla said...

Very nice start knitting! Bravo!