Saturday, 20 March 2010

Progress Report

Today was Embroiderers Guild so I took along Quaker Row again and made ..... minimal progress. Here's an appalling snapshot taken just now in today's fast fading light.
And here's why - we had a speaker. He was a cinematographer who specialises in time lapse photography and of course time elapsed and my needle didn't move. He made a "name" for himself as the photographer of the Tree House Restaurant project run by The Yellow Pages in 2009. I'd recommend you go to this link and see what I'm talking about. Each year The Yellow Pages run these crazy projects and this year was The Taste of Yellow in which the resulting yellow coloured, 'yellow tasting' chocolate sold out in two weeks!!! - you can see what I'm talking about at this link. Despite the office being literally down the road from my house I didn't manage to buy any - all gone, all gone was the chorus wherever I went.

Anyway I digress long enough- nothing can detract from the fact that little stitching was done this afternoon. I intend to redeem myself tonight while watching Midsomer Murders.

But I can report that I am making progress on my section of Edgar's piece of the "An Emblem of Love" Round Robin. Love the fabric and the floss Edgar - it's a pleasure to stitch but I do rather feel that the butterfly should have been a frog. I had to reverse stitch that one three times - but all is well now!
Have a great evening everyone.


  1. Both Quaker pieces are beautiful! I like how one piece is monochrome and the other with lots of colour!

    Have a lovely weekend, Margaret!

  2. Beautiful projects and beautiful stitching Margaret!

    Are the Midsomer Murders aired on television there? I wish they were here...we even get the BBCA channel, but no MM. I've checked all the dvds from the library out several times and have resorted to purchasing some of the seasons here and there.

    PS. I've been meaning to ask about the clocks???

  3. Margaret I love the color thread you are using for Quaker Row! Such a fun stitch! Do like your other Quaker as well.

  4. Both pieces are looking lovely. I love the thread colour you have chosen for Quaker Row.