Sunday, 28 March 2010

Back to UFOs

Hello there, I am back at work on an old unfinished piece The AbeCedaire. "This shall be finished" I tell myself sternly. And then the other two UFOs shall be done and from that time onwards I will become a one-at-a-time girl! Seems to me that the only way I will cope is by only having one large project on the go at any one time . I have tried rotations for three months now with extremely limited success so it's back to the old "one at a time" for me.
Last night Chief Inspector Barnaby of Causton CID assisted me with the top right hand corner. Well, assisted is probably too kind a word - the convoluted plot of "Midsomer Life" proved too much of a distraction at times and slowed progress. Who would have thought it was the Deputy Editor what did it??? By the way Staci, do you want the boxed set of Series 5? If you'd like it email me and refresh my memory of your postal address and it shall be yours.

Hope all of you have had a bright sunny weekend too.


  1. I love those colors, very pretty. I tried rotation once and decided I could handle more projects. It didn't work out. Now I have about 37 UFO's/WIP's......Nancy

  2. Glad to here there is another Midsommer fan out there! I just watched one this afternoon that i recorded over Christmas, love em! sunday in our house is usually a run of murder mysteries :-)

    Love the ABC, which has reminded me that mine is still lurking in the cupboard somewhere, near to finishing just need an extra push. I too have taken on too much latley and they are overwhelming me a little, and like you i don't work well with rotations, oh well, they will get done sometime :-)

  3. What a lovely piece - the colours are beautiful and you are really coming along.

  4. This is such a lovely piece and I love your colour choices. I try one at a time and I get tempted by other projects. I try rotations and I get distracted by a particular piece. I now have a very long WIP/UFO list.