Monday, 22 March 2010

Thank you to all who left comments on yesterday's post. Stupid moi! I left out the name of the magazine and only showed you the etui. Anyway, it is the current issue of Inspirations Magazine and if you go to this website you can see it and find out more information about ordering if your LNS doesn't stock it. Jo Ann can you email me - my email address is in my profile


  1. Thanks for enabling (she says through gritted teeth) - I popped into a large city centre newsagents to look at knitting mags and they'd got this issue in...

    I don't know when I'm going to get round to this, but it's nice to ponder! I think the rest of the magazine is beyond my abilities, though!

  2. Looks like I know what magazine I'll be picking up on my Friday shopping trip, lol!

  3. I'm tempted ... very tempted ... !!