Saturday, 27 February 2010

Making work for other's hands

Today we went out shopping to "Wild and Woolly" a really great yarn shop across the harbour - well we didn't take the direct route but called at "The Embroiderer" on the way for a yard of Edinburgh linen in Antique White. No that isn't as boring as it sounds because I have an idea spinning in my head for what I will make for the "Christmas in July" exchange with the Crazy Exchange group. More to follow on that later.
Anyway to get back to Wild and Woolly - we went to get yarn so that the "half deaf half blind elderly Mother" (do you remember her? Check this photo - she hasn't changed a bit has she!) is going to knit me a cardigan to wear when the weather gets colder. Despite it being humid and 27 degrees celsius today winter will definitely come and I will need the cheery warmth of this cardigan. Here's a snapshot of the yarn and the picture of what will come
It's a muggy "tropical night" and I'm off for some shut eye. Have a good evening everyone


  1. 27 degrees sounds quite perfect right now but I could do without the mugginess! Anyway, your mom is looking very sprite. The red yarn you picked is lovely and will be lovely for the winter!

  2. I love the red yarn. And a great pattern. But it's difficult to imagine with those temperatures that you will ever need a cardigan. :-)

    Lucky you have a knitter right there.

  3. Oh to have temperatures in the 27 least its not MINUS 27 degrees here, so that's something I can be grateful for.

    I love red, it's my favourite colour, and I love wearing cardy's, so I am very envious of you!!

    Gill in Canada

  4. What beautiful yarn!
    Margaret Thank you very much! Come to my blog!

  5. Lovely wool! Lucky you to have a mother that knits for you.

  6. that is beautiful and very xmasy lol i am sure it is going to be a great cardy when finished ..