Sunday, 21 February 2010

A New Start

On Friday night I started Quaker Row (by Midnight Stitching) as a piece to take to the monthly Embroiderers' Guild meetings. Not too complicated, one colour of floss, and the soothingly rhythmic Quaker motifs are just right for stitching while listening to the speaker. However yesterday's speaker had a fascinating tale to tell of her trip to Jordan, Israel and Albania and I found myself laying my needle down many times so as to look more closely at her wonderful photos. Her husband has asked her if she wanted a ruby ring for their 40th wedding anniversary but she declined and instead asked for a trip to Petra - "a rose red city half as old as time" according to the sonnet by Burgon. What a marvellous husband and what a marvellous trip. It was great to share her memories and adventures even though progress on Quaker Row suffered!.
Here's a shot of "piece so far" This I will be taking to Guild meetings once a month so progress will be steady but slow

I am using materials from my stash cupboard, Zweigart linen which looks to be a little "vintaged" but is of colour and description unknown, 32 threads to the inch. I am stitching in Threadworx floss number 1041 over two threads of fabric. So far I am more than satisfied with the way this is turning out. But it will be rolled up and put away until next month as I go back to my rotation.

Have a great evening everyone


  1. Hi Margaret. I enjoyed reading your last few posts. (I am oh so far behind in blog reading!) You've been stitching and finishing some wonderful treasures!

  2. I like you colour choice for QR, i hope you enjoy stitching this, i found it very calming:-)

    Have a great week

  3. The Quaker piece is beautiful. The floss colour is just lovely!

  4. Love the Quaker piece - the color is so soft!

  5. This is a lovely design and you have chosen such a beautiful colour.