Thursday, 25 February 2010

A surprise

I have been busily stitching but no photos of that to show you. Rotations are helping ensure my unfinished items do not remain that way but I haven't made any progress worth taking a snapshot of! Hopefully this week will see the small pocket I started here completed. Goodness - how embarrassing is that. Such a small thing started on December 20th and it has taken around two months to complete. Just as well 2010 is the year of completing UFO's for me!
However I did win a prize on the intranet quiz at work. My colleagues were veritable "green eyed monsters" when they saw I had won this. I see on the box it says ages 8 to adult but in my eyes these are for "young people" and today I don't feel all that young. Still its always a pleasant feeling to be a winner.
Have a good evening everyone.


  1. Congratulations, Margaret! It's a ... son probably knows more than me too! ;-) You should see if someone at work will trade you for some stitchy stash!

  2. Margaret! Congratulations for your prize!!!
    And thanx for your letter!!! I'll make a foto of a sashiko soon.

  3. Congratulations on your win! Have fun with it. I have to be careful with mine, it's very easy to get carried away and spend way to much time playing games.