Saturday, 31 October 2009

Wallet wants to have a whinge

Wallet has gone off in a pout after having a real whinge. I tell you the lack of cooperation today was far from acceptable. In the Saturday To Do List Wallet only featured once. I ask you how much energy does it take to open your mouth once or twice in a day? Zilch, micro nano kilojoules, zero, a great big nought!!!
But I am getting ahead of myself. Today again, yes for the third time this month I went to the LNS. I know I know... but when your sister asks for a small Santa locket charm - stitched mind you - no kitset and DIY for Sis :-) what can you do but go to the LNS. I was skipping joyfully all week at the thought but it seems that Wallet was preparing for the monster pout. But size really does matter and when Wallet and I faced up for our stoush I WON!!!! And back home I came with Little Sisters Santa Kit ( and Sis, I know you're reading this - I'm starting to stitch tonight), a couple of lengths of fabric, some threads and a Clover Needle Threader for the half blind half deaf elderly Mother.

And Sis since you feature so prominently in this post here's a photo of what your Santa locket charm will look like.


  1. Dare I ask which LNS this is? I'd love to get one myself!

  2. Hi Zeb, Its Ribbon Rose in Ellerslie

  3. Thankyou Margaret! I'd heard of that store and have been meaning to check it out. My usuals are The Embroiderer and Lace Fan (although Lace Fan usually when I'm out of a thread only.) I'll check Ribbon Rose out this coming week! :)

  4. You've done a lovely job with the Santa! That's very sweet of you to stitch one for your sister.

    ps I wonder if Wallet was going to say something about your planned trip to your LNS!

  5. You show him Margaret, your the boss. It is a "he", right? The locket is so cute I can see why your sister insisted. CJ ok;-)

  6. OK, I am the lil sis who can't stitch (unless it is on a sewing machine), I am very proud of my big Sis and her clever talent, which seems to have missed me!
    THANKS big Sis for your lovely Santa decoration - it is very much appreciated.
    And to all you bloggers - you are an amazing bunch of talented people, that make untalented ones like me quite inspired!
    Keep up the BLOgs and comments - I very much enjoy them.
    HUGS and love to my clever BIG SIS