Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Mini Santa Giveaway Draw on a special day

Today is my (ssssh don't tell the world) 55th birthday. This is a fun way to end a great day. Thank you to all those who left a comment.
Grandma's bowl is prepared. It was a wedding present to my paternal grandmother and is one of the Royal Doulton Shakespeare series - titled Rosalind. The inside is far more interesting than the outside but it is a special piece and I am pleased to have it. I also have a "Rosalind" milk jug and sugar bowl and a "Romeo" tea pot which were wedding presents of my maternal grandmother's. Must have been the wedding present trend in that generation??

Now for the draw. My half blind half deaf elderly Mother cannot remember which eye she covered last time so this time is a "blind drawing"

And the lucky winner is......

Melissa I will send you an email and post this off to you. Happy stitching.
Thank you all for making this special day extra special.


  1. Happy Birthday - so many happy returns......

    Congratulations Melissa

    So many thanks for sharing your treasure - Grandma's bowl. It IS a treasure.

    So is your Mum!


  2. Happy Birthday Margaret! I really hope you had a great one! :)

    And congratulations Melissa!

    Those bowls and teapots look amazing :O
    I love looking at vintage crockery and would love to one day have a complete Royal Albert tea set.

  3. Happy birthday Margaret! I hope all your wonderful birthday wishes come true this year. Congrats to Melissa! Thanks for sharing your wonderful treasure...they are lovely!

  4. Happy Birthday Margaret!

    Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway! I will let you know when it arrives! (Thanks to your mom for picking my name!)

    Have a wonderful celebration!

  5. Happy birthday, Margaret! Many happy returns!

  6. Happy Birthday!

    That's a lovely tea set you have there.

  7. Happy belated birthday! Your mum makes me laugh with her eye covering