Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Another new start

This mystery biscornu SAL was just too interesting to pass up so here is a photo of progress to date. I decided to use only items from my stash which will mean this is an interesting challenge in colour for me too. So far I have a mixture of DMC (the centre), Gloriana Silk (Row 1) and Weeks Dye Works (Satin stitch row) on antique white belfast linen. I am happy with the combination so far - long may this satisfaction continue. Many thanks Hohla for the inspiration and charts.


  1. HI margaret I deleted you by mistake, I am so sorry, You where on the list of the girls who wanted to stay.
    So I do not know why I am deleted you, please except my aplogise.
    and come back to the group

  2. Very pretty start Margaret! Happy stitching!

  3. Margaret I really like the beginning of embroidery! And I'm glad that you embroider my biscornu.

    Can I put photos in the album?

  4. It looks great and interesting to stitch. CJ ok;-)

  5. Thanks for the link, it looks like a fun stitch.