Saturday, 10 October 2009

Look what the mail man brought to me today!

Well, that title is not strictly true as the mail man left me a card and I had to go and collect it. Those pesky cards never say where the package is from so with many "I wonder ifs" off I go and find this!
Kazumi sent me a package for my birthday - which is not for some weeks yet - and what a decorative package it is. Don't you just love all those stamps! I do and so will my little friend Matthew who collects stamps.
But as I say, for another few weeks I remain "youngish" and so will not be opening this until the actual day (ha ha I hear you say! She will succumb to temptation!)
I'm off now to finish the last row of my mystery biscornu and then I will be back with another snapshot. Be good all of you!

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