Sunday, 11 October 2009

Update on Mystery Biscornu

The front of my mystery biscornu is almost done now - only four little stars to add. I will try and get the back done tonight so that this can be completed.

Last night I went to a charity concert put on by the talented Balzat family so no stitches added . But I did remember to record Antiques Roadshow and my friend Inspector Barnaby of Midsomer so can enjoy them both tonight. Ah bliss - a night of stitching in such wonderful company!

Hope you have all had a good weekend -the cold Antartic winds seem to have gone now and Spring is back in the air here. Makes for a brighter outlook on life I find!


  1. Beautiful stitching! We don't get to see Barnaby here (at least not that I know of.) Must get more dvd's of those crazy murderous people who live in those idyllic villages ;)

  2. Beautiful!!! I really like!