Friday, 6 November 2009

Another birthday gift!

The post man knows me on a first name basis now! This week I mailed off a Santa to Melissa who won the draw, and a stitched and completed one to my Little Sis who is now trying to blame me for being required to actually put up her Christmas Tree when she won't actually be at home for Christmas. Silly her for always throwing a Tree Decorating Party on December 1st. Sis, you know that when you start something and call it a tradition then a yearly keeping of promises is mandatory!! And you know that Little Bro looks forward to that party all year:-)

Yesterday the post man brought me another box which was filled to capacity with all these lovely gifts from Rachel, my partner on the Stitching Bloggers Birthday Club. I love the little pincushion - and there was such a lot of other goodies too. Many thanks Rachel.
The weather lady on TV has promised fine weather tomorrow so here's my list

Spring Clean the bathroom; Clean the car (why does every bird in West Auckland aim for my vehicle in the car park at work??); Bake some Lemon Biscuits; Dig out the rest of the pesky canna lillies and plant some broccli and beans in the garden, maybe some radishes and salad greens, some red beet and whatever else takes my fancy at the garden store; Do the grocery shopping; Cook my mother the promised silverbeet and feta (egg) souffle and finally ...... collapse in my chair and finish off this motif of the ABeCeDaire - after which it will be rolled up and consigned to the cupboard while I work on something else - and of course watch Antiques Road Show and my friend Inspector Barnaby - ooooh I do so like him even if he lives in a quaint but murderous little village.
Have a good weekend everybody.


  1. Hi Margaret,

    So sorry again that your gift arrived so late! Never having shipped to NZ before I wasn't sure what to expect. I am glad you liked your package. Your ABC wip is looking lovely. I am a huge fan of Midsommer Murders, too -- enjoy!!

  2. What a lovely birthday package from Rachel. I loved the little BBD cushion - v pretty!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Margaret! It's so funny to read about your planting vegetables, we just cleaned out our garden in preparation for winter!

  4. Seems strange that you are looking forward to summer just when it's started to get cold her in the Uk. we fired up our log burner at the weekend as there is a decided nip in the air now.
    You ABC is looking good, (i'm still working on mine too) and your birthday goodies look great!

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