Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The postman came again today!

Today the postman brought me a return exchange from Anita in Belgium. Look at all the treasures. Isn't that Belgian Chocolate tapemeasure just so cute. Anita made a cute flower pin cushion, a lovely yellow needlebook (the lining material is just gorgeous), a blue biscornu and sent a couple of other goodies. I "met" Anita on the Crazy Exchange - I just love the international flavour of this exchange group and have been able to "visit" many European countries this way. Thank you so very much for your generosity Anita.

And Vonna let me know that the chickens had come home to roost at her house. I sent Vonna this Christmas Chook for our Christmas Ornament Exchange. Vonna, it was hard to part with him so I'm pleased he's settled well at your house. I can see a repeat coming here :-) You can see better photos on this site.
And good night to all of you.


  1. Saw the chicken on Vonna's blog last night. It is just too cute. I love the Christmas colors you used.

  2. I saw this over on Vonna's blog. He's gorgeous! Exactly how big is he? It's difficult to tell.

  3. Lovely exchanges! I saw the christmas chicken on Vonna's blog and just had to tell you that I think it's stunning! What a wonderful job on the finishing!

  4. I love your Christmas chicken. I have recently stitched another version ~ Coq au Pins as a gift for a friend's birthday and she was so cute too and a lot of fun to stitch.


  5. Margaret, I love the Chook you did.
    Please tell us the pattern name and
    Don't be surprised if your postman
    decides to retire....
    Best wishes!

  6. I love the chicken, it's gorgeous.