Monday, 23 November 2009

A New Start

I've put Anne aside for a week while I work on this. Can you guess what it is?
Ina from the Netherlands sent me the chart and I am enjoying very much the stitching of The ABC Ball. Quite possibly the construction will be more taxing on my patience but so far so good.

The instructions are all in Dutch - just as well that charts are a universal language - ha ha. I'm stitching over one thread with DMC floss on Platinum Belfast linen so the ball should be suitably petite.
This week I have Thursday off work - taking a day in lieu owed to me for working on the public holiday long weekend last month. Oh yay oh yay!


  1. Wow - haven't seen that design before - what a unique finish. Will be watching your progress!

    Enjoy your day off on Thursday! We have a short week here in the US - Thanksgiving on Thursday and then most offices are closed on Friday.

  2. Great start on your Christmas Ball. Can't wait to see your big finish of it. The finishing part does look quite challenging!

    I'm looking forward to a short week too!

  3. That's a very lovely design. I could imagine there would be a little frustration in sewing it together.