Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Today the post man was busy!

Today the postman was very busy - he brought two packages to my house. And at lunchtime when I phoned Mother, as I usually do, she excitedly told me "make sure you come straight home tonight as there's two surprises for you" And just so there is no confusion - I don't dawdle on the way home usually so the implied reprimand is unjustified!! But look what there was when I got home - - -

This fantastic strawberry from Marie as part of the Friends Through Threads exchange. Isn't this neat? I have already hung it on the cabinet door where I intend to enjoy it all year round and not just at Christmas. Thanks so much Marie - this was a great gift a real good choice as I love strawberries ; the real sort and these inedible ones too.

Next was this surprise thank you package from Jill. I just love these plastic containers and the contents - well what can I say but "Wow! Thanks Jill" I look forward to 'topping' those Altoid tins and the threads are going to be really useful. I just love everything - and am overwhelmed at your generosity and your good choices. My half blind half deaf elderly Mother who has appeared on this blog before is joyfully helping me eat the chocolate :-)
So from one happy chocolate filled stitcher - good night to you all


  1. great! I love the strawberry:) congrats

  2. What wonderful goodies! That would make anybody's day!

  3. Wonderful mail goodies! I'm so glad you listened to your mother and hurried home, lol!!!

  4. Delicious strawberry and lovely surprise package from Hill too!

  5. Margaret Congratulations!
    Many thanks for the gifts!

  6. That strawberry is amazing, lucky you! What wonderful goodies you received from Jill.