Friday, 14 January 2022

Robin Redbreast

 And so the second Christmas ornament is completed and the third is almost done.

We don't have red breasted robins in New Zealand but I remember them well from the traditional English style Christmas cards of my childhood.  And I love them!   Possibly this one will find a place on my tree??

The third ornament is all but complete.   I need some gold cord to go around the edge and form the hanger but that requires a trip to "Uncle Bill's Emporium" and I can't fit that errand in for a few days.   Photos of the completed piece will be coming soon,  I promise.

Tomorrow Little Sister is coming to visit so I'm going to go out in the afternoon to explore a second-hand bookshop in a nearby village.   A visit has been on my To Do List for a while but the opportunity hasn't arisen until now.   So despite the large pile of books from the library that are beside my bed I intend having a good browse tomorrow.   What I want is a cookery book specialising in chicken recipes.  Do they even print such a thing?   I'm hoping so.


  1. Your Robin is lovely, my needles are busy working on this one. Good luck with your book search.

  2. You are on a roll on making ornaments! Another lovely ornament completed.

  3. Good luck with your book quest. Your Robin ornament is very pretty, sounds like you're making wonderful headway with many of your projects. Enjoy your visit with your sister.
    Sandy's Space