Sunday, 4 March 2018

She can't even count in twos!!

Having decided that I wanted to stitch an Aztec Stitch bookmark, I read the instructions and gaily start the foundation four sided stitches - over four threads.  Doesn't everybody do four sided stitch over four fabric threads?   Why wouldn't this work out?   Reading the instructions again I see "over two threads of fabric"
Starting again on 28 count linen - the previous 32 count was too fine for my eyes when stitching over two -  I counted carefully, two by two.   I double checked (I thought). Then I sorted through the extraneous floss in stash and selected a pretty gun metal grey.   Up and down each side with the scroll work.   All is well - everything adds up(I thought).
Again, read the instructions and begin the cutting and drawing of threads.   And then.....can you see what has happened?
It doesn't add up.   I have two many fabric threads.   Both ways - warp and woof.   I can't draw threads in the correct permutation to achieve a grid for Aztec stitch.
Rather than cry I go out on my evening walk and pound the pavements on my 8km circuit reaching home a red hot perspiring mess but having made a decision.  Start again and go carefully.
So here's the progress shot of tonight's stitching. 
No I'm off to bed to read a book.   I can't go wrong with that surely as all the pages are numbered.


  1. I did this Aztec stitch bookmark a few years ago and I also had trouble, either counting or somehow making it match up. I can't remember what I did. I didn't start over, so somehow I just made it work. It must be the pattern!

  2. How frustrating. I hope that your second attempt is successful.

  3. Sounds like you've gotten all the bugs out before doing all the fussy work of Aztec stitch itself and the remainder will now go smoothly and quickly!

  4. Oh how frustrating Margaret, hope it goes to plan this time round.

  5. How frustrating! Maybe there is an issue with chart?