Friday, 9 March 2018

Good deeds great rewards

A couple of weeks ago at work I helped out with a tricky request and today in a courier bag came a gift.  Policy is that all gifts have to be declared so I duly went to the manager and showed him.  His response?  "Anything under $50 value doesn't have to be declared so let's eat"
And here's the evidence that he did:-)
I haven't been out pounding the pavements for an hour each night and watching the weight drop so was grateful to my colleagues for removing temptation!


  1. It's always good to help out Margaret, it's also nice to be appreciated.

  2. It's good when your helpfulness is recognised by clients.

  3. I like your manager - let's eat the evidence!
    It is so nice to be appreciated.

  4. I'm with your manager - always happy to help remove temptations :)