Sunday, 18 February 2018

X marks the spot

X is now complete and has to be placed into the box lid, packaged carefully and sent to Xanthe.  That may take another week!!  This is only 7cm by 6cm so it was hard to get a variety of flowers and still ensure a good colour balance.   But it is what it is...I was restricted by the aperture on the box lid.  I'm pleased with the lavender and the Solomon's Seal on the top left swirl.
The DBEM tells me she has some knitting jobs for me so there will be a hiatus until I can start stitching again.   But I cannot say no to this request as she has been knitting up scraps of wool into covers for some new coathangers for me and turning the long narrow rectangles of knitting into a padded curve on a hanger will require my eyesight.   After that is done I will go back to Arabian Nights and make a concerted effort to do another section.  Then psst.... I have a hardanger project already prepared:-)

On the work front I have been successful in obtaining a transfer to the same type of job at an office only 17 minutes walk from home.   Once the two managers(current and new) have negotiated a release date I will start at the new office.   Yeah!  No more hour and a half commutes home. No more 5am starts and whats more no more 9pm lights out.   I will get some evening back.

It's two months now since I started my evening walks and I have clocked up 200km.   Some time soon I will have to map out a new route as I'm tiring of the current one.   However the increasing fitness and the decreasing number on the scales makes me happy.


  1. Oh Margaret, your stitching is exquisite - all those beautiful stitches are a feast for the eyes. What type of background fabric did you use for this? Congratulations on getting a transfer, that will make a huge difference to your quality of life.

  2. What a gorgeous letter X, the flowers are so beautiful.
    Well done on getting the transfer closer to home. Do you get special consideration for being your Mum's carer? You should do!

  3. a 17 minute commute--I am envious. Do you walk to work? You will have more time to work on your projects

  4. Before I forget, I love the Christmas lily and your bag...and this x is just sublime. So happy your commute is to be very manageable and walking is the best.

  5. Your embroidery skills are impressive. How wonderful that you will have a short commute to work in the future.