Saturday, 10 February 2018

Bottoms - of shoes and bags

Today has been pouring with rain and I got a thorough soaking when out doing the grocery shopping.
After drying off I realised that I needed to go out again to pick up a prescription from the pharmacy.  By this stage it was a fine drizzle, enough to frizz the hair but not drench the clothes and I decided to walk down the road.
Off I went.   Something seemed to be sticking on the bottom of my shoe.  Oh no, chewing gum I thought and scraped my sole along the path.   A few more steps and I felt a wet squelching.   Looking down I found, to my horror that my shoes were disintegrating.   These shoes were not cheap; they are a reputable brand; they should not fall apart!!   And then I remembered they are around 20 years old and nothing lasts for ever.   So the bottoms fell off and they are no more.
However on a positive note I am well on the way to completing the Hardanger Bag.   Indeed I have only the bottom to do. 
Hopefully tomorrow afternoon will give this bag a bottom (stitched), a draw cord and toggle beads and a good press.
Then I can move on to Xanthe's X for the top of her box.   I am successfully finding many other "want-to-do" projects which will delay the return to Arabian Nights. 
Tonight the weatherman forecasts 21 degrees celsius and 96% humidity for us so it could be a restless night.


  1. Your bag looks amazing Margaret, very impressive.

  2. The bag is absolutely gorgeous! Well done!

  3. Your Hardanger bag is amazing! So very, very pretty - love the way the darker linen really shows up your perfect work.

    You just walked those poor shoes right to bits! You must have had quite a soggy walk to the pharmacy and back. :(

  4. Yes, crepe soles disintegrate! I didn't believe it until it happened to me. It's crazy.

    The bag is stunning, Margaret!

  5. That bag is looking amazing!!

    Sorry about your shoes but I think that 20 years has probably given you value for

  6. I cannot believe your shoes fell apart after a mere twenty years!
    I have a pair of suede knee boots I wore on a work's dinner once. My Manager admired them and asked where I bought them. "Alison, they are older than you are!"

    The bag is wonderful, your hardanger is always so gorgeous.