Sunday, 4 February 2018

Now for the construction

I have all the ingredients ready and am about to start construction of the Hardanger Bag.   Well, I will start it on Tuesday which is a public holiday here so I'll have plenty of time.
Over the weekend I made the decision to face the lacework with some extremely fine Dirty Linen which I had in stash.   It is too fine for me to ever stitch on so can be sacrificed to the bag without any pain on my part.   This afternoon I went looking for lining and found this floral design on the right which is exactly the right colours and has a hint of my favourite blue in the teeny tiny dark flowers  The cord and beads came from Geoff's Emporium down the road.   Stash provided some iron-on Giggle Cloth for the stiffening.

So with all my ingredients ready I will start construction.

I have begun the arduous task of cutting the edge of the Hardanger Christmas Angel but at one-thread-at-a-time it is a slow process.   I don't want to slip and cut the stitching so only do a little at a time.   Meanwhile I continue the search for a suitable "body".   With some months left until next Christmas there is no hurry.

As I am not anxious to return to Arabian Nights too quickly I have traced the X onto fabric to begin a box top for Great-Niece number four.   Her older sister got a box for her first birthday.  X will be two this year so I am already running late :-)


  1. It is going to be beautiful. How is
    the DBEM doing? ;

  2. Your Hardanger bag is going to be stunning! Beautiful stitching and very complimentary fabric choices for the construction.

  3. I bet this bag will be gorgeous and can't wait to see it :) Is X an initial? I can't think of too many names starting like that.

  4. Looking forward to seeing the bag made up and the rest of your plans coming to fruition.