Monday, 29 January 2018

Better late than never

My Christmas Lilies have finally flowered.   Just one month late but still they give both pleasure and perfume while I continue to stitch on the Hardanger Bag.   The end is in site.\for the stitching and with another public holiday next week I may well get that all completed.
We are presently sweltering in 90% humidity and temperatures hover around 30 degrees Celsius by day dropping to 20 degrees at night.   This is sapping the DBEM's energy and appetite.   Mine too but I am still persisting with the long walk each evening and the scales are currently friendly.  So all good down here.


  1. Lovely flowers :) The weather doesn't sound that great, though.

  2. Beautiful lilies but oh my goodness that's hot! We turn the heating off when the living room gets to 20 degrees, that's quite comfortable.